Your doctor may recommend or refer you to a physiotherapist to help you manage your hip pain. Your GP can provide guidance on applying for funded visits to a private physiotherapist or you can refer yourself directly. If you have private physiotherapy health cover / extras, you may be able to recover some of the costs of treatment, check with your health fund for information on your level of coverage.

A physiotherapist will discuss and assess your condition and suggest simple exercises that will preserve the strength of muscles around affected joints and help maintain your mobility. For example, they may suggest the best ways to move positions, such as from sitting to standing – and if you have been recommended a walking aid, like a stick or frame, they can show you the best way to use it. A physiotherapist can also teach you appropriate exercises which may include activities such as exercising in warm water pools. The buoyancy takes the pressure off the joint which may mean you can exercise with less pain and do walking in the pool. A physiotherapist will teach you appropriate exercises.

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